X - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
Release Date: Sept. 18, 1963

X - the Man with The X-Ray Eyes
While experimenting with a new serum to improve sight,  Dr. James Xavier (Ray Milland) discovers a concoction that allows him to see through objects. The idea of human x-ray vision is spun expertly into a fascinating sci-fi horror thriller by Director Roger Corman. Shot in only three weeks on a low budget of  only  $300,000,  X - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes won  the Best Film Award at the 1st International Festival of Science Fiction Films in 1963. Initially,  Dr Xavier is amused and delighted by his newfound ability to see through walls, unopened packages and  even women's clothing.  However, when  he accidentally causes a colleague  to plunge to his death from an open window, Dr. Xavier must flee. He takes on a new identity as a miracle worker who can heal the sick, but soon finds his vision sees too deeply and his psyche is scarred by visions of death. Through intriguing , and now somewhat dated special effects, Corman conveys the bizarre and ethereal visions of the increasing frantic doctor. He ends up in  Las Vegas where his ability to see cards before they are played allows him to win a fortune. But when Xavier loses the special sunglasses that cover his horrible looking eyes,  he panics, steals a car and speeds away into the Nevada desert.  Corman captures this frenzied flight with an exciting helicopter-car chase. When the car crashes over an embankment, Xavier staggers away from the wreck and into a lively revival meeting in a large tent.  In a demented revelation, Xavier enacts the preacher  admonishment to his congregation: "If thy eye offends then pluck it out".

The film became a cult classic and a drive-in favorite. Ray Milland plays the Dr. Xavier to perfection. Corman introduces Don Rickles  in one of his first film roles as Crane, Xavier's helpful con man. Turn out the lights, turn up the volume and settle back for a truly weird and wonderful story.

Copyright: Peter Fokes (2003)
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