The Mouse On The Moon
Release Date: June 17, 1963

The Mouse On The Moon
This sequel to The Mouse That Roared is a light-hearted parody of international diplomacy, the early sixties space race and Bond spy movies. Terry Thomas plays a bumbling MI5 agent and CIA mole who is assigned the task of finding out what really is going on in the small Duchy of Grand Fenwick.  Prime Minister Mountjoy (Ron Moody), who is obsessed with bringing indoor plumbing to the citizens of Duchy, devises a scheme to finance his project by asking the United States for a $500,000 loan  for space research. Mountjoy's scheme takes on a life of its own when the Americans offer a $1 million grant, and the Duchy's mad Professor Kokintz (David Kosoff) discovers that  Fenwickian red wine  is an ideal rocket fuel. The PM's son, Vincent Mountjoy (Bernard Cribbins) complicates matters further by deciding he will be the first man on the moon. So much for indoor plumbing.

 The Americans and Russians are dumbfounded when the old Russian rocket given to the Fenwickians actually launches successfully.  Not to be outdone, the two superpowers  rush to launch their own spacecraft, but the flag of Grand Fenwick is the first to be planted on lunar soil.  The gravity defying antics of  Professor Kokintz and Vincent Mountjoy on the moon's surface foreshadow events that occur during the real American moon landing only six years later. But with his first "small step" on the moon, Vincent Mountjoy finds himself buried up to his neck in moon dust!  Directed by Richard Lester, this 85-minute spoof is an adaptation of a novel by Irish writer Leonard Wibberley whose later novels, The Mouse on Wall Street, The Mouse That Saved the West, and Beware the Mouse! never reached the silver screen.

Copyright: Peter Fokes (2003)
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