Summer Holiday
Release Date: Jan. 11, 1963 - United Kingdom

Summer Holiday

It's appropriate that this lighthearted musical comedy was released at the beginning of 1963. Perhaps no other movie of the year so exemplifies a spirit of innocence and fun. The tragic events in the latter part of 1963 could not be farther from the reality of this movie starring Cliff Richard and the Shadows.  Described at the time as the British Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard plays the role of a garage mechanic who borrows a double-decker bus to tour Europe with some buddies and gals. One of the "guys", however, is a runaway American female pop star.

Summer Holiday was a box office smash and the most popular British film in 1963.The film broke British box offices records as young fans  flocked to this "feel good" musical. The key to the movie's success is its simplicity, pace and energy level. Who could resist 108 minutes of carefree adventure with glorious backdrops of Greece, Yugoslavia and France? Adding to the movie's success were positive reviews from most quarters.

Directed by Peter Yates -- who later directed Bullitt, The Deep and many other successful movies -- Summer Holiday features catchy tunes, excellent dance scenes and a playful innocence that today would be considered somewhat naive. But this was early 1963. Not only Cliff Richard and the Shadows offer smooth performances: we are also treated to the youthful exuberance of Lauri Peters, Melvin Hayes, Una Stubbs and Teddy Green., and a special guest appearance by pantomimist Ron Moody.

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