Dr. No
Release Date:  US - May 8, 1963

Dr. No

"Hot thrills and cold chills in color" was a jingo line played over and over on radio stations in 1963 to   promote Dr. No,  the first James Bond film. The  movie was a popular hit, and the James Bond series was on its way.  President John F. Kennedy asked for a special screening of  the new spy film in the White House. 

Under the guidance  of director Terence Young, Sean Connery established James Bond as a cultural icon.  His enemy in this first Bond film is  Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman) a  "power mad maniac" with a "mania for torture."  Dr. No plots a conspiracy to disrupt U.S. missile launches with mysterious energy waves from his  hideout just offshore a Caribbean  island.  Bond and Honey (Ursula Andress) are captured by Dr. No but manage to survive all perils.   After foiling the mad scientist's scheme, the pair escape just as  Dr. No's headquarters is destroyed by explosions and fire.

 A classic scene shows a  poisonous Tarantula crawling  along Bond's arm. He leaps from the bed, and  hammers the spider to death with  his 007 pistol in rhythm to a staccato  musical score. The beautiful and athletic Ursula Andress achieves  film legend status immediately as she emerges from the warm Caribbean sea in a small white bikini, holding two large shells and singing "Underneath the Mango Tree".  Miss Taro (Zena Marshall) and Sylvia (Eunice Gayson) add further  to the context of Bond as a ladies' man. Jack Lord, later of Hawaii Five-O television fame, gives a smooth performance as CIA agent Felix Leiter.

The movie was filmed in early 1962 at  Ochio Rios, Jamaica, and  Pinewood Studios in London.  Dr. No's author,  Ian Fleming, resided in  Jamaica  at the time, and visited the film set of Dr. No on occasion. 


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