Come Blow Your Horn
Release Date: June 5, 1963

Come Blow Your Horn
The Bakers are a prosperous Jewish family in the Yonkers district of New York with two very different sons. Buddy (Tony Bill) is a naive 21-year-old  who is eager to leave home and live with his fun-loving, womanizing, 38-year-old brother Alan (Frank Sinatra). Both sons work for their father's  artificial wax fruit business, but Alan spends far too much time cavorting with a ditsy blonde Peggy (Jill St. John), a wannabe housewife Connie (Barbara Rush) and a Neiman-Marcus buyer from Dallas, Mrs. Eckman (Phyllis McGuire).  Buddy envies his brother's success with women, and after learning the ropes from Alan, turns the tables and becomes an enthusiastic party guy while Alan is finally coralled into marriage by Connie. 

Lee J. Cobb plays Henry Baker, the  loud, aggrieved father of two "bums", and  Molly Picon is simply brilliant as the overprotective, guilt-inducing Jewish mom who keeps closing the kitchen windows to stop neighbors from hearing Henry's loud outbursts. Sinatra is a natural in the role of Playboy and ironically was followed around on the set for a week by two interviewers for Playboy magazine (see the Sinatra interview in the February 1963 Playboy).  During one party scene,  a woman is hypnotized into believing she is a Senator with a compulsion to look everywhere for President Kennedy. Alan plays along by doing a very bad imitation of JFK, and as Alan turns to leave, the hypnotized woman says "Goodbye Mr. President."

Norman Lear wrote the screenplay  based on a successful Broadway production by playwright Neil Simon. Bud Yorkin directed the movie which features costume design by Edith Head and original music by Nelson Riddle. Sinatra, Cobb, St. John and Picon were all nominated for Golden Globe Awards for their performances.

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