CIA Historical Review Program

Release As Sanitized 1998


United States Government

To: Files         Date: 5 December 1963

From: Chief, Research Branch/OS/SRS

Subject: PAINE, RUTH

             nee: HYDE

             aka: Mrs. Michael Paine


1. Mr. Cregar, FBI, on 4 December 1963 confirmed that the Subject is the daughter of William Avery HYDE, SSD-157435. Cregar was furnished a copy of two 1957 investigative reports on William HYDE for lead purposes only and was informed that William HYDE was under consideration for a covert use by this Agency in Viet Nam in 1957 but was not used. (This information had previously been obtained from [  03   ], CI/SIG).

2. Subject is the individual who is taking care of the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald and has apparently been quite well known to the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly Lee Harvey Oswald for an undetermined period of time. The possibility that William Avery HYDE was the father of Ruth PAINE was previously brought to the attention of Mr. Papich through Mr. O'Neal, CI/SIG.  The Security File of William HYDE contains a copy of a 1956 FBI Investigative Report (Security of Government Employees) on Sylvia Ludlow HOKE, aka: Mrs. John L. HOKE, nee: Sylvia Ludlow HYDE, who is the sister of Ruth PAINE. The file of William HYDE also contains a 1956 OSI report on Sylvia HOKE.

3. In addition to the above, it was previously known that William Avery HYDE and wife Carol HYDE were associates in the late 1920's and later of Talbot BIELEFELT, #29931, who is currently employed by this Agency in FDD. A certain amount of information concerning William HYDE, Carol HYDE, and other associates of HYDE and BIELEFELT during the latter 1920's was furnished by Talbot BIELEFELT during interviews several years ago. At that time the BIELEFELT case was under extensive investigation.



Document Number 1264-1032 for FOIA Review on Feb 1977


Bruce L. Solie