4 For Texas
Release Date: Dec. 23, 1963

4 For Texas


Members of the NRA must have been pleased as punch at this gun-toting, shoot 'em up Western. Can you count the different types of guns in this movie? I doubt it. From scenes of long distance sniping to point blank gunfire (and let's not forget the close-up of Fifi's derriere), the movie spins out the story of Zack Thomas (Frank Sinatra) and Joe Jarrett (Dean Martin).  Zack is guarding a stagecoach  carrying $100,000 when it is ambushed by a gang of bandits hired by  Harvey Burden (Victor Buono), President, Galveston Savings & Trust.  After fending off  the band of thugs and their leader, Matson (Charles Bronson),  Zack and Joe start shooting at each other.  Jarrett eventually claims the prize, but Zack is determined to get the money back. He conspires to sabotage the opening of Joe's renovated gambling showboat, but -out of necessity- both men end up joining forces to battle Matson who is working for Burden.   Elya Carson (Anita Ekberg) is  Zack's sophisticated mistress, while sultry Maxine Richter (Ursula Andress) teams up with Joe to prepare the rundown  gambling  showboat for opening night. Charles Bronson, as killer-for-hire Matson, struts the tough guy image that later became  his screen trademark.  

 Don't look for hidden meanings in 4 for Texas: this is pure entertainment, as evidenced by a brief appearance by the aging  Three Stooges.  If you enjoy endless  fisticuffs, gunplay and drinking in a 19th century wild west setting, then maybe Director Robert Aldrich's 4 for Texas is your cup of java. The movie was nominated  for a Golden Laurel Award for "Top Action Drama",  but  if  you are  looking for Oscar performances, try elsewhere.


Copyright: Peter Fokes (2003)
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